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Alli Data Library v2.3


Alli Data Library v2.3 is now available. Here's what's new:

What to know before upgrading

Breaking changes

There are no Breaking Changes for this release.

Behavior changes

Microsoft Ads

The ADL 1.0 Bing Datasources bing_insights_ have been integrated into Alli Data Library for Legacy Historical Reporting due to a 37 month backfill limit from the Microsoft Ads API:

To enable legacy reporting add the following line to the dbt vars JSON file. This is disabled by default.

"data_library_microsoftads_legacy_datasource_reporting_enabled": "True"

Set as True is only required for clients with legacy bing_insights_ datasources and Microsoft Ads reporting enabled

All existing Microsoft Ads models have been updated with more dimensions and metrics available.

  • A date column to utilize the drop and backfill feature within the audit pane

  • More dimensions like goal, goaltype, etc.

  • More non-calculated metrics

New dimensions and metrics introduced may appear as null on historical dates within the legacy bing_insights_ data sources. We recommend utilizing the Marketplace App Alli Data Library 2.0 - Backfill Platform for Microsoft Ads (refer to Backfilling data for a platform in Data Library), and then execute Alli Data Library 2.0 - Refresh. This will facilitate updating the columns with fresh data from the new Microsoft Ads data sources microsoftads_insights_.

the _v2 datasources will no longer be updated post upgrade, so migration to the standard report name will be required.

New features and enhancements

Fiscal Calendar’s can now be integrated into Data Library

Data Library now supports the integration of the fiscal calendar with four columns: fiscal_year, fiscal_quarter, fiscal_month and fiscal_week. To incorporate it into ADL 2.0 models, follow the following workflow How to incorporate the Fiscal Calendar into ADL 2.0 models

Also, these fiscal calendar columns could be used for viewing data in Alli Certified Reports within Data Explorer for clients.

Pass Through Metrics now Available for Meta Ads

Data Library has incorporated pass_through_metrics into Meta Ads models to let users add metrics without dependence on the Engineering team.

Data Library users now have the ability to add metrics to any Meta data sources, facilitating automatic updates to the Meta specific reports on full refresh App executions (see How to Add Pass-Through Metrics into ADL 2.0 Models).

This pass-through metrics feature exclusively applies to Metrics. Adding dimensions necessitates an ASD ticket for inclusion into ADL models.

Currently, the pass-through metrics feature is implemented solely on the Meta platform, implementation for other platforms is underway

Integrate Snapchat Ads into creative_performance Model

Snapchat Ads has been integrated into creative_performance model in Data Library. The field mapping document has been updated here Data Library Field Mapping - Creative Performance

Google Ads Pmax Report Update

Data Library has updated Google Ads Pmax report, utilizing the new googleads_insights_shopping_campaign datasource. The enhancement ensures the alignment of metrics with the Placement Analysis report used by the SEM team.

Bug fixes

Resolved Google Ads Pmax model failure caused by deprecated columns

Five columns deprecated by Google API v15 have been removed from the model base__googleads_insights_shopping :

  • product_bidding_category_level_1

  • product_bidding_category_level_2

  • product_bidding_category_level_3

  • product_bidding_category_level_4

  • product_bidding_category_level_5

Resolved Snapchat Ads bump - Update/Merge failure error

Update/Merge failure error impacting some clients during Snapchat Ads model building has been resolved by resolving a unique combination testing issue.

Resolved Update/Merge failure error for ad_performance

Update/Merge failure error impacting some clients when building ad_performance report has been resolved by avoiding multiple results for the same coalesce dealing with cm_placement_id.

Resolved Facebook Ads Backfill App

Resolved the Marketplace App Alli Data Library 2.0 - Backfill Platform when backfilling datasources for Facebook Ads.

Resolved Metrics doubling for LinkedIn

Resolved an issue with metrics doubling for LinkedIn Campaigns.

Resolved Issue with programmatic_cost updating

Resolved an issue where the programmatic_cost Alli Report wasn’t able to be updated within Alli due to Data Library views being schema bound. Now users can update and publish programmatic_cost reports within Alli with updates showing on next run of Data Library.

Resolved ADL refresh app when selecting Pinterest Ads only

Resolved an issue within the ADL2.0 refresh app when selecting Pinterest Ads as the platform only.

Resolved Issue with Google Ads product group models

Four deprecated columns have been removed from Google Ads product group level models

  • product_bidding_category_country_code

  • product_bidding_category_id

  • product_bidding_category_level

  • shopping_setting_sales_country

Resolved Issue with attribution window for Facebook Ads on Redshift

Resolved an issue with incorrect attribution_setting column values flowing in when querying Facebook Ads reports on Redshift.

Other changes

Add reportType configs to certain datasources

The reportType configs have been added when creating the following datasources:

  • googleads_insights_campaign_interactiontarget

  • googleads_settings_asset

  • amazondsp_insights_ad

  • amazondsp_insights_inventory

Add docsSource to Certified Datasources for Data Explorer

docsSource could be displayed for certified datasources within Data Explorer More info page

How to upgrade

Make sure to read through the What to know before upgrading section, and make the necessary updates before upgrading

To upgrade, simply select the appropriate version of the ADL 2.0 Refresh app, save, and run


Eg. upgrading to v2.3

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