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Explorer Overview


Data Explorer provides a user-friendly experience for viewing campaign performance data. This feature allows users to visualize and build out customized reports of cross-channel data without leaving Alli, without writing SQL, and without needing to seek out analytics team support.

Data Explorer Landing Page

The landing page of data explorer shows all of the datasources and reports available for the client.

Filter Datasources

You are able to filter through the datasources by searching by name, description, dimension, or metric. You can further filter the cubes by selecting a tag with the dropdown.

View a datasource

You can view a cube by clicking on the view this data button on the right preview panel. this will take you to the report builder page.

Report Builder Page

In the report builder page you are able to build your report, view your results, publish your report, and export your report.

The report builder will allow you to select from the available dimensions and metrics. You can also choose to filter by a specific date range and filter further by adding restrictions to the dimensions and metrics (ex. cost greater than 10000).

When you are ready to view your data you can click on the preview button which will display your data in a chart and table form.

In this preview view you can also view the SQL generated

When you are ready to create a report you can click on the save button which will direct you to a modal to create a new report. Fill in the required fields and hit the create report button.

Once your report has been saved you will notice that the publish button is no longer disabled. Now you can publish your report.

Once your report is published successfully you can then export your report which is found under the ellipsis.

Reports Page

You are redirected to this page when you successfully publish a report. You can also access this page by clicking on the reports tab on the top menu. On this page you will see a table of all of your reports.

On this page you can edit your report, open the report in the report builder page, and delete your report. This is all found in the ellipsis.

You are also able to search through your reports by name, owner, source type, and tag.

You are also able to create a new report by clicking on the new data report button. This is also available in the landing page. This will open the new report modal.

Create a report using custom sql

You are redirected to this page when you create a new report and choose custom sql as the source.

In the custom sql page you can create your report by adding your sql in the editor.

Similar to the report builder page, you are able to preview your results with a table. You can also save, publish, and export your report from this page.

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