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Getting started with Alli Audiences as a new users

Welcome to Alli Audiences! Here are a list of how-tos to get you oriented to some core functions in Audiences.

Initial Admin Configuration

Most users import lists from an SFTP file and export Audience lists to Facebook. Before you start creating lists, you will want to ensure an Audiences SFTP is set up and the platforms you’re sending audiences to are authenticated.

You can follow the instructions below to setup an Audience SFTP and authenticate your partner platforms:

Creating a List in Audiences

Please follow this tutorial on How To Create a New Audience List for creating an Audience list. This how-to covers the most common approach to setting up an Audience list so you can configure it once and never touch it again.

Creating a Segment from a List in Audiences

Please visit How to Create a Segment to filter down to a specific audience for a tutorial on creating a segment.

Activating a Segment to Facebook

Since Facebook is the most commonly used publisher platform, the last tutorial you should read covers How-to Activate a Segment to Facebook.

Congrats! You now know the basics for using Audiences 🥳

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