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How to extract headers from a file in Alli SFTP


A file’s headers define the data schema for a list. In order to import data into Alli Audiences, the list’s columns need to be defined (by title and data type). Unfortunately clients don’t always share the headers for their files, which can make the setup of a new audience list an arduous job. However, by following this document you’ll be able to extract the headers information from a file without compromising data security!


  1. Go to{client_slug}/cloud-storage

  2. Click on the file you want to view to preview the file

  3. Your file’s headers will appear under “Headers”, separated by a comma.

  4. If the file doesn’t contain Personal Indentifiable Information, a preview of the data will be displayed on the “Content” section.



Alli SFTP can infer the data type from files without columns. In the case of a file not containing a headers row, the code will infer the data type and display it in between asterisks (e.g. **********EMAIL**********).

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