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How To Set Up a Manual Upload Action


Actions can pull from a variety of sources, one of them being a manually uploaded file. This type of upload is great for one-time action runs, external data that is not pulled into Alli Data already (like emailed partner files), or for testing format and column values. This how-to will walk you through how to set up an action with manual upload as your datasource type


Creating A New Action

Before setting up an action, if you have not already, you need to authenticate your partner account/platform within your client settings page.

View instructions on how to do so here: How Manage Partner Platform Authentication in Actions

  1. Navigate to Actions and click on the blue Create Action button.

  2. Search for your intended Action by Action Type. 

  3. In this example, we will Update Ad Names on Facebook. Select the action type by clicking the Select button

  4. Name your Action and navigate to the correct ad account under Select Authenticated Account.

  5. Choose the Manual Upload for a manual, one-off action.

  6. Scroll down to see which Data Source Columns are required for the upload.

  7. Select Choose File to upload the intended file from your computer. 

  8. Select Preview to ensure the right file was selected. If correct, press the blue Run Now button.

  9. Your action will run and the Audit page will show either a successful run or any errors that need to be amended.

One Time Upload - Existing Actions

This can be useful if you don’t want to change the datasource of your action, but need to upload a few items. Like if your datasource is an Alli Data report, but you have a few extra items you’d like to automate

  1. Navigate to Actions

  2. For the action you would like to run, on the far right of the row under the three dots, select Audit.

  3. At the top left, click the dropdown arrow next to Run Now and select Upload & Run

  1.  In the modal that pops up, you can drag & drop your csv file or click Select files and select your files from your file finder

  2. Click Upload & Run and you are done! Note: This will not change your datasource or affect your existing schedule. To make a permanent change to manually uploaded files, update the datasource type in the Set Datasource step

  3. image-20240111-211105.png

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