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How to filter down your ads


Quick guide on how to best make use of the advanced filtering functionality


  1. In Creative Insights, click on the Top & Bottom Performers tab

  2. Click on the advanced filtering button ‘More Filters’ to open up the modal

  1. Select what you want to filter: by naming conventions or by image tags

  2. Select whether you want to view all ads that match your keyword(s) or whether you want to exclude the matching creatives by clicking on the “Contains” or “Does not contain” buttons respectively

  3. Type down your keyword(s)

  4. You can add as many filters as you want! The tool will show only the creatives that match with ALL the applied filters (following an “AND” logic)

  5. At any given moment, click the “clear all” button to delete all filters for the category

  6. Pressing the “cancel” button at any given moment will undo all the changes and revert to the filters applied before the modal was opened


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