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How to edit a schema after datasource creation


This article will walk you through changing a datasource schema, i.e. which dimensions and metrics you’d like your datasource to include when it runs.

  • Dropping the data table will be required when dimensions are added or removed.

  • If only changing metrics, then dropping the data table will not be required.

  • You will have to backfill data if you choose to save changes and delete the table.


  1. Under Reporting from the left-hand navigation and Datasources from the top-hand navigation, scroll to your owned datasources. Select the blue Edit button from the far right side.

    A screenshot displaying the reporting page of Alli. It shows a table with two datasources, katie_test_data and katie_test_facebook. The edit button on katie_test_data is highlighted.

    Reporting Page

  2. Under the datasource settings page, click on Define your data

    A screenshot showing the datasource setting page. There are 5 sections. Advanced Settings, Required Authorizations, Additional Configuration Needed, Define Your Data, and Load Data. The Define Your Data section is highlighted.

    Datasource Settings Page

  3. Changing dimension/metric selection:

    1. Non-manual Datasources: Select the additional dimensions and metrics you’d like to add to the schema from the dropdown list and de-select the ones you’d like to remove, then press the blue Save button.

      A screenshot showing the expanded Define Your Data section. There are two columns representing dimensions and metrics. The Account Name and Campaign ID dimensions are highlighted.

      Define Your Data Section, Non-manual Datasource

    2. Manual Datasources: For manual datasources, press the large + button to add a metric or dimension. To delete a metric or dimension, press the x button corresponding to the metric or dimension you want to delete.

  4. Changing dimensions will trigger a confirmation modal. To delete the current data in the table and save the current schema selection, press the Save and Delete Current Data in Table button.

A confirmation modal saying 'Data Changes. Hold on there, It looks like you are about to change columns on your data table. Because you already have data in this datasource, and your changes will cause duplicate data, you must delete the current data in the table. You will have to backfill data.'. There are three buttons, Save and Delete Current Data in Table, Cancel, and Other Options.

Save and Delete Data Confirmation Modal

The blue Other Options button allows you to save other changes made in the Advanced Settings or Additional Configuration sections without editing the schema or deleting the current data.

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