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How to archive and unarchive data sources


If a datasource is no longer in use, you may want to archive it so it stops loading any additional data. This how-to article walks through how to do this.


You must be the datasource owner to archive a datasource. If you’re not the owner, reach out in a support ticket to get the owner changed.

  1. Under Reporting from the left-hand navigation and Datasources from the top-hand navigation, scroll to your owned datasources. Select the blue Edit button from the far right side. 

  2. Under the datasource settings page, click on Advanced Settings

  3. Scroll down to the Status section. 

  4. Dropdown and select Archived, then press the blue Save button. 

  5. Back at the main reporting page, select the Archived Datasources to see if the datasource was archived properly.

  6. To unarchive the datasource, select the Unarchive button to the far right of the datasource name. 


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