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How to manually upload data to an existing datasource


This article walks you through adding manual data to the Alli platform. Some examples of when you may use this include:

  • A one-off data load

  • To backfill or load missing data into an existing datasource


  1. From the edit screen of data source you want to upload manual data to

  2. Select the Load Data section

  3. Select the Choose File button and browse then select your file

  4. Click Upload File to start your upload


Manual uploads are limited to 100 MB files. You can zip files to reduce the file size. Within the zip files, it could be multiple files or all the files inside of a folder. 

CSV files are preferred, however, the following file types are also supported:

File Type


Comma Separated File


Tab Separated File


Microsoft Excel 2013+


Microsoft Excel 2001+


Microsoft Excel Binary


Microsoft Excel Macro Enabled


Zipped Files (Which include any of the above)

.zip, .gz


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