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How to view datasource errors and warnings


There are a variety of reasons that a datasource can trigger an error and fail to populate data within Alli. Common errors and warnings include: inconsistent data formatting, updated Partner APIs, or re-authentication of partner access. 

Alli will alert you to errors and warnings both within the platform and with an automated email to the datasource owner. 


  1. To view the errors and warnings section within Alli, select Reports from the left-hand navigation. This will take you to the Datasources overview page. 

  2. Select the datasource that shows errors or warnings under the column header Last Run Date. Click on the blue Audit button under Actions.

  3. If there are any errors or warnings, you will see them located underneath the data table. The Message and Data sections will alert you to any inconsistencies or formatting errors in your dataset.

  4. Click on the Errors and Warnings for further details.

  5. Click on the [View More Details] under Message text for further details.

  6. You will need to address any specific errors or warnings before data can populate.

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