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How-to Use an Activated Segment for Targeting in Facebook

This how-to covers where to find your activated segment to use it for targeting in a Facebook ad campaign.

Before you start

  1. Ensure you have a segment from Alli Audiences activated to Facebook. You can find a tutorial on at the link.


  1. Navigate to a new ad set or edit an existing one in Facebook Ads Manager.

  2. When selecting an audience to target for a new or existing ad set, look up your custom audience in the search bar.

    1. Lookalike audiences created from a segment will also appear here. Please visit How-to Create a Lookalike Audience from an Activated Segment in Facebook for more on how to create one.

There are a number of steps for trafficking ads in Facebook not covered here, but now you know where to look to find your Alli Audience segment in the Facebook UI for targeting!

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