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How to update datasource owner


Changing the datasource owner may be required if someone else is taking over maintenance or management of a datasource and needs to be able to update authentication, dimensions, or metrics. Follow these steps to change ownership of your datasource.

If you are not the current datasource owner, you will not be able to change the ownership.

Reach out to the current owner to change ownership.

The person you are trying to give ownership to must have access to the datasource's customer.

If the datasource owner is no longer an employee, then you can ask for a datasource ownership transfer to the support portal.


  1. Go to the edit action of your datasource.

  2. Open the Datasource Settings sections. Here you will see the Current Owner with a drop-down menu.

  3. Select the person you would like to give ownership to and hit Save.


This person must have access to the customer.

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