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File Delivery

File Delivery Process

See the sharable one-sheeter here: Audience One Sheeter

Clients should setup recurring audience file drops to a PMG SFTP for Alli ingestion. These files can be exported from their existing CDP or internal CRM platforms. Typically most platforms allow for an automated process.

For new clients, you can request an SFTP setup here. Existing client credentials can be found in the client's 1Password vault.

File Delivery Cadence

We recommend weekly or monthly.

Recurring audience file drops will automatically be ingested to the platform so the cadence is determined by the client team and how often they want to receive audience refreshes.

Importing a new CRM, Data, or Transaction list

To make it easier to onboard audience files, ask the client to send you the name of the file they’re dropping and the included column headers.

Once an audience file has been dropped to the SFTP server you can import it into Alli. For full instructions on how to do this see How-to Import an Audience List

Onboarding Support

If the client team managing audiences needs help getting setup on Alli and importing audiences, reach out to the Alli POC or log a support ticket

The setup process can be expedited by providing us with the name of the file dropped to the SFTP, the header columns for the file, and by making sure you have authenticated third-party partners you want to send audiences to in Alli.

Instructions on adding authenticated partners can be found here: How To Authenticate a Partner Platform to Send Actions To

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