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How-to Authenticate with LiveRamp


This is meant to be a 101 guide to setting up a LiveRamp account within Alli as the process can be quite nuanced depending on the client. Typically, the LiveRamp account lives under the PMG umbrella for management. This also helps us streamline the SFTP setup and allows us to manage it ourselves from the get-go.


  1. We need a LiveRamp SFTP for the account to drop the files onto. This can be attained from a LiveRamp rep or if it’s a new account being setup on our end, we can manage that setup within the LiveRamp UI. Here are materials on how to setup a new child + SFTP within the PMG account.

    1. We follow the standard folder format of uploading to the ‘audience’ /uploads/client_name. This may be asked for from LiveRamp during setup. Example: /uploads/planet_fitness

  2. Once the LiveRamp SFTP is setup, you can configure the details within the Alli Audience client settings. Here you will add in all of the necessary details in order to send from Alli. You may need to be a power user or admin within Alli Audiences to perform this task. Please store a copy of the credentials in your client 1pass.

    1. Connection Type: Activation

    2. host:

    3. username and password supplied from LR

    4. Port: 22

    5. folder: the /uploads/client_name from above

    6. to have a pretty LiveRamp logo you can pop this link into the form

  3. Upload a seed file + contact support

    1. Send any audience (as small as possible, preferred) to LiveRamp from AMP. Once this is done, submit a ticket to the TSP. Directions on how to do that here: Using the TSP

    2. You can use the following messaging: Hi there- We are onboarding {insert client name} to LiveRamp and dropped a test file to the {sftp client username from above} SFTP in the uploads folder. Can we get this seed file handled so we can automate future audience files? thanks in advance!

    3. Hash type is SHA-256. The rest of the default options are fine to use.

    4. The Tech ops team will configure the audience formatting to match the seed file that you import and send confirmation.

  4. Once confirmed from LiveRamp, you are all good to go and can send audiences from Alli → LiveRamp!


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