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How to set up a new workflow


Workflows allow you to take apps to a whole new level. Instead of scheduling each app in your workflow, you can set them up to run in a sequence. Once the previous app has completed, the next one in your workflow will start running. This helps you automate a series of tasks that need to happen in a specific order.


  1. From the left-hand side navigation, select Marketplace, it will redirect you to My Apps. These are all solutions that have currently been set up for any customer. You can also use the Filter Apps search bar to filter by team. 

  2. Select any app to see a description, when the app was last updated, how many active installs it has, as well as any prerequisites needed in the Set-Up Instructions section. 

  3. Click the Install App blue button. This will now take you through the typical workflow of filling in data, setting it up on a schedule, and putting in view names. However, instead of running this on a schedule, select After Another App

  4. Select the correct Pallet Trigger that will run before this App.

  5. After filling out all of the correct variables, press Save or Save & Run.

  6. This will set up a new workflow. You will be able to find this workflow under My Apps from the left-hand navigation and Workflows from the top-hand navigation.

  7. Selecting Edit from the three buttons on the right-hand side of a workflow will take you to the workflow details page, where you will be able to edit the name and pallets if necessary. 

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