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How to connect your Google Sheet to Actions


This how-to walks you through how to connect your Google Sheet data to an Action.

If you’re creating a new Action with a Google Sheet datasource, you will need to refresh your Google token (see how-to).

If you are editing an existing Action to change the datasource option to be Google Sheets, you will need to share the Google Sheet with whomever originally created the Action and have them refresh their Google token (see how-to).


  1. Navigate to the Set Datasource page from one of two ways:

    1. New Action

      1. On the Actions' homepage, click ‘Create New’.

      2. Select your Action Type.

      3. Name your Action, select your authenticated account, and click ‘Next’

    2. Existing Action

      1. On the Actions' homepage, click the name of your Action.

      2. Click the progress tracker above ‘Set Datasource’.

  2. Select 'Google Sheets' as your Datasource.

  3. Add the link to your Google Sheet and name of the tab that contains your data, if you have more than one.

  4. Ensure your Google Sheet contains the required column headers and data formats.

  5. Click ‘Save’. Your Action is now set up to connect to your Google Sheet.

    1. If you’re setting up a new Action, complete the set up process:

      1. On the ‘Review Action’ page, add a schedule if needed.

      2. Click ‘Publish’.


Actions ignores any filters applied within Google Sheets and will pull in all data. If you need filtered data, create a new tab with just the data you’d like to pass to Actions.

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