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How To QA Your Action Runs


Once an action runs, you may want to go in and QA it to see how many items were successfully sent through to your partner platform or if there were any errors you need to address.


  1. Navigate to Actions

  2. If an Action has had a successful run, a green checkmark will appear to the left-hand side of its name. To see the list ordered by Last Run Date, click on that header to sort. 

  3. On the far right of the row under the three dots, select Audit

  4. The Audit screen will list the details of the last successful action runs, as well as the Items Sent and the timestamps. 

  5. From here, you can click into an individual run (via the linked fields in Started By or Audit) to address any errors or view the items that sent.

    1. The events page you initially open onto can be helpful, but select items at the top for more info

    2. You can switch through tabs to see items by different filters, ie Errored, Successful, or the All view will show all items. The “Errors” column will display info on specific errors, which you can hover over to expand to see the entire error message.

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