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How To View Error Messages on an Action That Ran


If you receive an error message from Alli Actions, you will want to go in and QA your action run and its items to see what went wrong so that it can be fixed and continue to power your account.


  1. Under Actions from the left-hand navigation, search or scroll to find the intended Action. Orange clocks denote drafts while red x’s denote Actions that have errored. 

  2. Choose an Action with a red x and click on Audit under the three dots to the right side of the row.

  3. This will bring up the Audit page. Details of the specific error are shown under the graph in the Audit column. Errors will need to be addressed and corrected before the action can run.

  4. From here, you can click into items to look further into which rows had an error.

  5. In the Errored tab, click the error text for an item to display the full error message

  6. Once the full error is displayed, you can make amendments to your action’s datasource and re-run it.

These errors typically come back directly from the partner platform you are trying to push changes to.

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