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Alli Data Library v2.6


Alli Data Library v2.6 is now available. Here's what's new:

What to know before upgrading

Breaking changes

There are no Breaking Changes for this release.

Behavior changes

2 New Conversion Metrics for TikTok Ads

ADL2.0 now provides 2 new offline conversion metrics for TikTok Ads at Account, Campaign, Adgroup and Ad level performance models:

  • offline_complete_payment, which is Total Complete Payment (Offline) from the UI

  • offline_complete_payment_value, which is Total Complete Payment Value (Offline) from the UI

New features and enhancements

New DMA-level Geo Reports

DMA-level geo reports are now available for Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Snapchat Ads, and TikTok Ads. Now users can get DMA data within the geo__dma_performance model, as well as the following platform models:

  • facebookads__geo_dma_performance

  • googleads__geo_dma_performance

  • snapchatads__geo_dma_performance

  • tiktokads__geo_performance

The field mapping document has been updated here Data Library Field Mapping - Geo DMA Performance

To enable geo reporting, please confirm:

  1. The following datasources have been created for the client

Facebook Ads:

  • facebookads_insights_geo

  • facebookads_insights_dma

Google Ads:

  • googleads_insights_geo_state_campaign

  • googleads_insights_geo_state

  • googleads_insights_geo_metro_campaign

  • googleads_insights_geo_metro

Snapchat Ads:


TikTok Ads:


  1. Add the following line to the dbt vars JSON file. This is disabled by default.

"data_library_facebookads_geo_reporting_enabled": "True",
"data_library_googleads_geo_reporting_enabled": "True",
"data_library_snapchatads_geo_reporting_enabled": "True",
"data_library_tiktokads_geo_reporting_enabled": "True"

New conversion metrics & conversion reports available for Google Ads

Google Ads has new conversion reports available within ADL2.0. These reports provide conversion metrics at the conversion action name level, allowing users to obtain detailed conversions based on different conversion actions.

  • googleads__campaign_conversion_performance

  • googleads__adgroup_conversion_performance

  • googleads__ad_conversion_performance

Meanwhile, more conversion columns are available for Google Ads performance models, mapped to corresponding conversion action categories:

  • add_to_cart_conversion

  • add_to_cart_conversions_value

  • purchase_conversions

  • purchase_conversions_value

  • sign_up_conversions

  • sign_up_conversions_value

  • app_install_conversions

  • app_install_conversions_value

These columns are mapped when the conversion_action_category for the Ad/Campaign matches one of the actions: ADD_TO_CART, PURCHASE, SIGNUP, APP_INSTALL

The field mapping documents have been updated for Account, Campaign, Adgroup and Ad level here Data Library 2.0 Field Mapping

Bug fixes

Resolved metric doubling for Facebook Ads

Resolved an issue within ADL2.0 where facebookads__ad_performance model has doubled metrics for some clients.

Resolved an issue with cm_placement_id extraction for DV360

Resolved an issue with cm_placement_id extraction logic for DV360 to check the TrueView Ad name if the Ad group name returns null.

Other changes

Updated URL extraction logic for Facebook Ads

Ad URLs for Facebook Ads performance models have been updated within ADL2.0. Now users can get appropriate URLs and URL tags within facebookads__ad_performance by querying the following columns:

  • link_ad_url

  • url_tags

How to upgrade

Make sure to read through the What to know before upgrading section, and make the necessary updates before upgrading

To upgrade, simply select the appropriate version of the ADL 2.0 Refresh app, save, and run


eg. Upgrade to v2.6


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