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How To Add Negative Mobile Placements in Google Ads


This Action allows you to automatically exclude app inventory from campaigns running on the display network.

This tutorial focuses on mobile placements with clicks in last 7 days


This Action setup uses the Campaign Negative Mobile Apps Action Type

  1. Set up your change logic

    1. Login to Alli Data and select the client you want to create an action for

    2. Navigate to Reports → Explorer and select New Data Report

    3. Give your report a Name and update the Report Type to Custom Redshift

    4. Copy and paste the SQL Example in from below and update anything within and including { } to match your client settings

    5. Once your SQL is updated, click Publish to update the query

    6. Click Preview to ensure the output is as expected

  2. Create a new Action

    1. Go to Alli Actions then select Create Action

    2. Filter the Vendor column for Google Ads and select the Campaign Negative Mobile Apps Google Ads Action Type

    3. Continue to the Configure screen and select your authenticated account

    4. Click Next to set up and link where your changes are coming from, for this example that will be Alli Data

    5. Insert your report name i.e. {client}.{view name you set in step 1-c}

    6. Review your action setup

    7. Save and Schedule your action to run

SQL Example


  • This corresponds to the MCC ID. If you don’t have MCC for your account, this line can be removed.

    • Ex: ‘{XXX-XXX-XXXX}’ becomes ‘012-345-6789’

Context for the WHERE section below:

  • This is where you choose campaigns to include or exclude from this action. 

  • The way this is done is saying “campaignname ILIKE '%TEXTHERE%'”. 

  • The ILIKE means “contains” and is not case sensitive, it will match uppercase or lowercase. 

  • The TEXTHERE piece is where you can put common pieces of your campaign names to identify which campaigns to select, such as “brand”, “nonbrand”, “retargeting”, etc. 

  • That text needs to be surrounded by a tick ' on each side 

  • The percent signs mean that it is looking for that text no matter what is before or after it in the campaign name. 

  • Essentially using percent signs means “look for campaign names that contain this text”, not using percent signs would mean “look for campaign names that exactly match this text”

    • Example

    • ILIKE '%part%' will match to party & apartment

    • ILIKE 'part%' will match to party but not apartment

  '{XXX-XXX-XXXX}' as login_customer_id
	account_id as customer_id,



		REPLACE(DOMAIN, 'mobileapp::', '') AS appid,
		sum(clicks) AS clicks


	WHERE DOMAIN ILIKE '%mobileapp%'

	AND date >= convert_timezone('US/Central',SYSDATE)::DATE - 7



		{campaign inclusions or exclusions} 


		campaignname ILIKE '%brand%'
		OR campaignname ILIKE '%nonbrand%'

	GROUP BY campaignname,


	WHERE clicks > 3

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