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How-To Add Locations to Campaigns in Google Ads


This Action can be used to implement new geo locations to campaigns in Google Ads


1. You will need a Google Sheet with the following columns, name them exactly as whats bolded below:

  • id (campaign id)

  • location_id (id for the location you want to implement to the campaign)

  • account_id (id for the account you’re working in)


2. Create a new Alli Data datasource with the Google Sheet you just created. (Google Drive Datasource)

3. Create the Alli Action

  • Search for the Action type Campaign Add Locations

  • Select the account authentication you want to use with this action

  • Add the datasource you created in Alli Data in the Report/Datasource name field and make sure that Alli Data is selected like the example below:

  • You can either schedule your action to run on a cadence or hit “run now” to run manually.

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